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Preventive Health Check-A Boon To Society

Consultant Physician and Diabetologist, Department of Internal Medicine
Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals

Good health begins with prevention and that all starts with the individual. Establishing good health habits means people may enjoy longer ,healthier,happier lives. Modern lifestyle doesn’t leave much time for exercise or having a healthy diet, leading to an increase in non communicable diseases like diabetes,hypertension, heart disease, strokes, dyslipidemia and cancers

Regular health check ups are an important part of prevention routine and help people on track with their health goals

The aim of health check is to help find, prevent or lessen the effect of a disease. Getting the right checks at the right time throughout the life may help people to detect potential health problems at the earliest. Health checks provide an insight of patients lifestyle,medical history and family history to identify preventable health conditions, which inturn allows early treatment and better outcomes

Health check ups help a person to understand their health needs,values and concerns, identify risk factors where they can make healthy lifestyle changes and enjoy better quality of life. Health checks are more cost effective rather than unexpected medical emergencies/ complications diagnosed later which are more expensive

Health  check up aims at early detection of cancers(cervical,breast, prostate, lung and bowel), diabetes, cardiac diseases ,hypertension,high cholesterol levels, metabolic and endocrine diseases, osteoporosis and early treatment and prevent the complications of the disease.All men above 35 yrs of age and women above 40 yrs of age should have an annual health check up.

General preventive measures include availability of fresh air, clean potable water, regular physical exercise, adequate rest, balanced and nutritious diet, avoidance of smoking and tobacco use, immunisation against certain diseases and of course regular medical checkup.

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